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  • Americans reppin’ Ol’ Glory in a foreign land 🇺🇸😎✌️ (at Pineapple Castle 🍍)

    Hanging out with the locals in Oslo yesterday on Norway’s National Day, Syttende Mai.

    121 figures, 17.3 meters high, carved from one single granite block.

    The principle theme is the cycle of life, in which man is depicted in a variety of typical human situations and relationships. Mans longing and yearning for the spiritual and divine.

    The people are drawn towards heaven, not only characterized by sadness and controlled despair, but also delight and hope, next to a feeling of togetherness, carefully holding one another tight in this strange sense of salvation.

    I could have looked at this and the other sculptures in Vigeland’s Park for hours. #Oslo (at Monolitten)

    Waldo gets too much credit. Where’s Matthew? (at Botaniska Trädgården Göteborg)

    Dagens lunch på ett av Göteborgs äldsta caféer. Today’s lunch at one of Gothenburg’s oldest cafés. (at Ljunggrens)

    Thinking back on the great last weekend I had in NYC and the many people who I care about in this big city. Next stop: Göteborg, Sweden. The adventure awaits! (at NYC —> GBG)

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