Sourdough Danish Pastries Tutorial Sets 

Yes. Please.

In the #RainRoom defying the elements. (at MoMA Rain Room)
NJ —- NY (at Jay Hood Wright Park)
5,000 people + 40,000 pounds of tomatoes = one messy event. #tomatobattle (at Aviator Sports and Events Center)

Att skiljas är att dö en smula.

Getting some strong Narnia vibes ‘round these parts… (at Fort Tryon Park)
Spotted in Central Park. Just two streets off 59th Street. Who says you can’t find nature in NYC? (at The Pond)
Beach dayzz (at Jacob Riis Park)
With 600,000 people quickly passing through here every day, it’s an odd feeling to stand still and be the only person in sight. (at New York Penn Station)
Manhattan via Brooklyn (at Wythe Hotel)
Last night’s fireworks brought to you by the Hudson River. (at icon.)
The Empire State Building showing its true colors. #pride (at Empire State Building)
A storm’s a brewin’. (at icon.)
New apartment views (at 610 W. 163rd St.)
Meet Robert, my stoop-dwelling friend in Brooklyn. He would sit inside the bodega near my apartment, watching for kids stealing food. I realized he was deaf so I struck up a conversation. Needless to say, I’ve had a neighborhood friend ever since. (at 816 Prospect Pl.)